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Sleepless Beauty

-xXx- record of an insomniac’s dreams -xXx-

18 July
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AGE: 19
GENDER: ghoul
LOCATION: Michigan
SIGN: cancer
BODY MODS: belly ring, and 5 earrings. [hopefully soon to be 7 earrings and a tattoo of a lotus w/Japanese koi mid-back]
FAVORITE BANDS: VAST, dir en grey, rasputina, nine inch nails, manson, rob zombie, john digweed, MSI.
FAVORITE FILMS: sweeney todd, groove, party monster, spun, halloween, lost boys, HP 1-5, the cell, devil’s rejects, house of 1,000 corpses, ginger snaps, hellraiser.
FAVORITE BOOKS: lullaby- chuck palanik, disco bloodbath- james st. james.
FAVORITE ARTISTS: jackson pollock, andy warhol
INTO: boys, blood, anime, manga, asians, bats, skulls, horror movies, candles, snakes, glitter, art, flowers, crystals, DDR, cats.
MAKES ME HAPPY: dir en grey live, kitties, puppies, horror movies, sushi, pocky, miyavi, hot shirtless boys covered in blood, plushies, dragons blood incense, candles, payday, boys in makeup, pretty j-rock boys, new clothes, DDR, free rounds of laser tag, my two best friends aaren and bonnie.
MAKES ME SAD: mean people, not getting to see dir en grey live, bad grades, exams, losing friends, work.
GETS ME HOT: tattoos, lip piercings, hot shirtless guys covered in blood, miyavi’s voice, kyo’s voice.
I LOST MY VIRGINITY: and became a nun. haha.
FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION: hmm. :] s-e-c-r-e-t-e!
FANTASY: too many to list here.

[x] playing hide and seek.
[x] watching horror movies.
[x] collecting horror movies.
[x] dressing up.
[x] having fun with my friends.
[x] making kandi w/bonnie.
[x] watching indie movies w/jenny.
[x] hanging out w/my favorite guyfriends.
[x] finding amazing new bands.
[x] hanging out w/my younger brother and stepsister.
[x] writing fanfictions.
[x] reading anything that has to do w/vampires.
[x] shopping for new clothes.
[x] perfecting the atmosphere of my room (nicknamed the "blood lounge").
[x] reading manga.
[x] working at michaels.
[x] playing DDR
[x] laser tagging w/bonnie.
[x] making clothes.
[x] drawing.
[x] painting.
[x] day trips to the zoo.

i am terrified and convinced that there are solitary fey living in the forest behind my house and when i am up late at night, they watch me from outside the windows...and i think that there's a kelpie in the swampy marshy pond thing in my woods...

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80's music [some], a perfect circle, aki, alice auaa, alice's adventures in wonderland, amy brown, anime, anime cons, ann rice, arcana, being different, bento, black clove cigarettes, blue monday, bunnies, butterflies, candy from strangers, cheshire cat, chuck palahniuk, cloths, conversations at 3am, cowboy bebop, cute japanese ppl, cute skater guys, dance dance revolution, ddr, dead or alive, demf, die, dir en grey, drawing kawaii anime/manga pics, dudley the fox, duel jewel, dust bunnies, elves, eri yuki, fairies, fashion design, ff8, food, furi kuri, fuuma, gackt, gloomy bear, glow sticks, gothic lolita styles, graphic design, gravitation, groove, guy friends, guys, hangin' w/friends, harry potter fan fics, horror movies, hot gimmick, hyde, imadoki, inu yasha, inxs, j-pop, j-rock, jones soda, kamui, kana, kandy kids, kaoru, katie, kelpies, kendo, kittys, kyo, ladytron, loss of innoscence, ma/mam, mad hatter, magic, malice mizer, mana, manga, manson, model, mythology, neon genesis evangalion, niea under 7, ninjas, para para paradise, paradise kiss, peach girl, pocky, puffy ami yumi, ravers, ryo-ohki, ryuichi, sailor moon: stars, saturn, seelie court, serial experiments lain, setsuna, sewing, shabuya, shinya, silver chair, sleep, sleepin, snow drop, space, space chanal 5, sprites, spun, stars, steven king, strobe lights, sushi, sweeney todd, techno, the moon, the ocean, toshiya, tv, under the glass moon, unseelie court, vampires, vanilla coke, vast, video games, x/1999, yami no matsui, yaoi, yoga, yoyogi park