Sleepless Beauty (demon_kitty) wrote,
Sleepless Beauty

this bitch is back mother fuckers! new, impoved, and badder than ever!

haha. so its been like what? over a year since i last used this journal. no excuses. sorry guys. i was showing too much love to the other one. but anyways..

for the first time in like 4 or 5 years, i'm actually SINGLE!!! can you believe it?? wow. i can't. haha. whatever, i'm having fun and he's got some fat ugly yuppie whore he has to wake up to every morning. ha! i'd say that i win that one!

so yeah.. me as of late? well i don't know if i can really say i'm totally me any more.. more like my alter-ego Azriel took over for the most part. yeahhhhhh.. not the sweet innocent little thing i used to be. here's a shocker for people.. i drink now! and smoke[just ciggs and hookah]! not on a regular basis or anything.. more like when its free and i'm w/people who are as well. but yeah. crazy. i'm a total fashion whore now. it's pretty much my fav thing.. and i'm not talking the yuppie shit or emo bull or the cookie cutter shit. i'm trying to find a happy medium between goth, cyber, kandi kid, and punk. i'm doing clothing alters and the like. my machine's still kinda fucked so i can't really sew rite now. is my fav store. as is cyberdog [but for rite now i can't fit in their shit bc you have to be like a -0..] and also lipservice. i LOVE clubbing and going to raves and DEMF. unfortunently there aren't many i can go with right now. SUCKS!! totally in LOVE w/my platform boots. yeahhhhh.

more later couz i'm off to work!
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