Sleepless Beauty (demon_kitty) wrote,
Sleepless Beauty

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  • Music: not looking forward to the drive home...

hmmm... so yeah...

...i'm once again packing up my shit and movein' back out to clinton township...


...does anyone even care?

yeah, i thought not.

but, alas, i shall be returning to the hills of the farm every weekend.

why, you ask?

well, since i could not find a job out there last year, and i have no desire to transfer to the roseville store, i have desided to keep my current job at michaels...

so, therefore, i am home on weekends.

in the area and looking for someone to hang out with?
then give me a call.

if not, then oh well.
maybe i'll see ya around.


i've been awake since 6:15, and it sucks. the only time i've been awake at that hour all summer were those times when i just never bothered to go to sleep. but today i had to wake up at that ungodly hour all because i let tamara talk me into takeing her 7-3 shift, so that she could go to cedar pointe. damn her and her cute, sweet, tamara-ness!! DAMNIT!!! why can't i ever say no to her?!?!? scratch that. why can't i ever say no to ANYONE at work!!! i am offically the Michaels' [[in farmington hills]] bitch!! argh!! well at least i got some of my hours back this week... >-_-'
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