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soooo... today was crazy. i worked from 2-close which wasnt bad but the only thing was the AC was being fixed so we were all dripping in sweat and yet the dumb-ass costomers kept comming up to us and telling us how hot it was as if we couldn't tell!!!

but the amazing Sean saved the day and went out and bought us all slurpies, bags of ice, and a crate of water!!! yay!!! Sean's my hero!!!

despite the ungodly heat and crazy amount of truck to do, we all had a lot of fun... and even got out in good time!!

working again 2morrow... 4-close. then again on sunday... 2-close. then on monday... 1-7. someone please come vist me?!?!?!?!? pick a day, any day... just please! please! please! come visit me!!

oh yeahhhhhhhh... my amazing uncle pat and his wonderful girlfriend of 19 years got me a sweet-ass digital camara for my b-day... i love them soooooooo fucking much!!!

my little bro just got home from soccer camp last nite and was telling me about all the bad stuff he and his friends did [such as sneaking girls into their dorms and such] and i was all like "you guys are how old again?!?!" and he's all like "15..." and i'm "oh... yeah i guess you guys are old enough for all that..."
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