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new boots! new boots! new boots! yay, new boots!!

so i finally desided which boots to buy... *F*I*N*A*L*L*Y*!!!
$75.00 of hottness!! okay not really... but still...

okay, soooo... here they are... the one in the middle[black PU]!! i origanally ordered the black PAT but they were out of stock and didnt know when they would be back in so i got %10 off... oh well.
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hmmm... so the next thing i want to order is this:
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but in either red/black or light green/white. i donno... its like $60-70 thou... so yeah that kinda sucks... but i kinda wanna be a zombie nurse for halloween... soo yeah. i may just end up giving in and buying it... i donno... we'll see...
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